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Backyard Summer Fun

I grew up in a beautiful farmhouse located on a picturesque dirt road. The home was situated on nearly seventy-five acres of rich farmland. Our backyard was huge. During the summer months, my parents, my sister, my friends, and me often played games in the backyard. I particularly enjoyed playing volleyball and badminton in our spacious backyard. On one particular occasion, one of my friends became so competitive that he got tangled in the volleyball net while attempting to prevent the ball from hitting the ground. I have many fond memories of playing sports at my childhood home. On this blog, you will discover the best types of sports equipment to purchase for your backyard.

Backyard Summer Fun


Two Drills For Football Players Looking To Improve Their Speed And Agility During The Summer Off-Season

Summer is not a time for football. Baseball is the summer sport, but for college athletes who are going to play come September, the summer is not a time to slack off. The months off should be used to train and improve speed and agility. If you want to get a jump on training camp, then you should practice on your own to make sure you make the cut. This article will give you two drills that will improve spend and agility.

Sizing Tips For Buying Your First Bicycle

Buying your first bicycle can be a confusing process. If it doesn't fit your body properly, you're going to find the ride uncomfortable. If you're looking to pick up a new bike, understanding how to ensure that it fits well is important. Here's what you need to know to get the right size bike for your body. Start With Stand-Over Frame Height The stand-over frame height is the height of the bike frame when you're standing with one leg on each side.

3 Tips For Choosing Cycling Clothing

You don't need to be racing or cycling professionally to benefit from the right clothing. The clothing serves many purposes, which can make your new cycling routine both safer and more enjoyable. The following tips will help you pick the right types of clothing while also ensuring you know why these items are a good choice. Tip #1: Avoid Baggy Clothing There are several good reasons to avoid baggy or loose-fitting clothing, but the most important reason is safety.