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I grew up in a beautiful farmhouse located on a picturesque dirt road. The home was situated on nearly seventy-five acres of rich farmland. Our backyard was huge. During the summer months, my parents, my sister, my friends, and me often played games in the backyard. I particularly enjoyed playing volleyball and badminton in our spacious backyard. On one particular occasion, one of my friends became so competitive that he got tangled in the volleyball net while attempting to prevent the ball from hitting the ground. I have many fond memories of playing sports at my childhood home. On this blog, you will discover the best types of sports equipment to purchase for your backyard.

Backyard Summer Fun

Shopping Tips For 9 Mm Ammo

by Pat Berry

Guns are categorized by caliber, which refers to the diameter of their internal barrels. 9 mm caliber guns are typically handguns that are used for service weapons and self-defense. However, some rifles use 9 mm ammunition as well. Learning how to shop for firearm ammunition will ensure that you're always prepared for any situation that may require your firearm. Here are some tips that can help you shop for 9 mm ammo:

1. Ensure that you meet the legal requirements for the purchase of 9 mm ammo.

Guns are federally regulated for safety, and firearm ammunition is subject to legal restrictions as well. You generally need to be 21 years of age or older in order to purchase handgun ammo. You must also meet a few other legal requirements; people convicted of certain crimes, such as domestic violence and felonies, cannot purchase firearm ammunition. A few other situations, such as being dishonorably discharged from the military, may also prevent your purchase. Learning the applicable laws in your area and ensuring that you are legally able to buy ammunition can save you time and legal trouble.

2. Consider shopping online.

Some people find it more convenient to shop online when possible. You can buy 9 mm ammo from online suppliers. Online shopping has several benefits, such as the ability to browse a wider range of ammo than you can find in many stores. However, you should be aware of shipping restrictions on ammo. For example, you will likely need to be present to sign for your delivery due to its sensitive nature. Some locales have additional laws that prohibit firearm ammunition from being delivered to people's homes. In this case, you'd need to have your 9 mm ammo shipped to a certified firearm store where you can pick it up in person.

3. Decide if buying in bulk is an option for you.

Buying 9 mm ammo in bulk is an option for people who regularly go shooting and those who simply like to be prepared. Buying ammo in bulk is a great way to save money, and if you need to pick up your ammo in person, buying in bulk can save you the hassle. There is no limit on the amount of 9 mm ammo that you can own so you can feel free to purchase the quantity that makes sense for you. 9 mm ammo can be stored for long periods of time as long as it is kept cool and dry.