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Backyard Summer Fun

Three Benefits Of Folding Mats For Gymnastics

by Pat Berry

If you're a gymnastics instructor and you're keen to start a gymnastics program in your local community, two of your top priorities will be to find an appropriate venue and buy the equipment that you need. There are many different pieces of gymnastics equipment that are important, but few things offer more value than mats. A gymnastics equipment supplier will carry all sorts of mats that you and your students can use in different ways. When you browse your options, you can expect to see folding mats. These are mats that you can use fully open or fold one or more times. Here are three benefits of folding mats.

Ability To Change Size/Thickness

When you fold a folding gymnastics mat, you're able to change its size and thickness. When the mat is fully open, it will cover the largest amount of space but also be at its thinnest. When you fold it up, it will cover a smaller amount of space but be much thicker. Having this flexibility can be handy when you teach. For example, if you have an older student who is going to tumble onto the mat, you might fold it up so that it's thicker and thus able to better support the student's heavier weight.

Easier To Store

Folding mats are easier to store than many other types of gymnastics mats. If you teach different classes, you'll likely find that you're constantly changing your mats around. The mats that you need for one class may not be necessary for another. You don't want the mats that you store to take up a significant amount of space in your venue, particularly if it's small. Being able to reduce the square footage of a mat by folding it once or twice will allow you to store it more easily.

Many Different Uses

There are several different ways that you can use a folding mat. While you'll predominantly have it sitting flat on the floor for your students to perform gymnastics maneuvers on, another option is to set the mat up so that two of its sections form a peak. This gives you an obstacle over which your students can jump during various warm-up drills. Should a student hit their foot on the mat, it will simply collapse and won't cause any pain — unlike using a harder object in this capacity. 

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