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Backyard Summer Fun

Three Reasons To Wear A Hat While Golfing

by Pat Berry

One of the decisions that you'll need to make when you play a round of golf is whether or not you'll wear a hat. While some golfers favor keeping their heads bare, lots opt for a hat. If you're thinking about wearing a golf hat, you'll enjoy visiting a sporting goods store to evaluate the hats that it has available. You'll see products in all sorts of styles, which will make it easy for you to find a hat that is comfortable and that gives you the look that you want. Here are three reasons that you should wear a hat while golfing.

Protection Against The Elements

Perhaps the most important reason to wear a hat while you play golf is to protect you from the sun's rays. Lots of golf courses have areas that are largely devoid of shade, especially when you're standing in the middle of the fairway. Without a hat, your face would be fully exposed to the sun, which could result in a burn. The brim of a ball cap-style golf hat can offer shade that reduces this risk, although you'll still want to use sunscreen on your neck. On rainy days, the hat can help to keep the rain out of your face.

Better Ability To Track The Ball

When you make contact with your golf ball, you want to be able to follow its trajectory in the air. This is important not only because you want to see where it lands, but also because you want to be sure that it doesn't fly too close to a fellow player. It can be difficult to track a ball when you're looking into the sun, especially if you aren't wearing sunglasses. With a golf hat, you can often position your head so that the brim of the hat blocks the sun to allow you to watch the flight of the ball.

A Spot For Your Divot Tool

It's good golf etiquette to carry a divot tool so that you can repair any mark that your ball leaves on the green. Given that you'll reach for your divot tool several times each round, it's nice to keep it in a convenient place. Instead of storing it in your pants pocket, where the pointed tips could dig into your leg, you can affix it to your hat if you choose to wear one. Divot tools often have clips on the back, making it easy to clip this tool to the brim of your hat for easy access.

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