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Backyard Summer Fun

Make Sure That Your Fillet Table Has These Features

by Pat Berry

When you shop for fishing supplies, you're not only shopping for the gear that you'll use to catch the fish. You'll also need supplies that you can use to deal with the fish that you take back to your cottage or campsite to clean and eat. There are few items more important for this part of the process than a fillet table, which you can buy at virtually any fishing retailer. When you're evaluating different fillet tables, you'll come across a variety of sizes and designs. Before you decide which fillet table to buy, you should ensure that it has these features.

Textured Surface

Most fillet tables have plastic surfaces, which is important because this material helps to keep the table light to make it easy to carry with you. Make sure that you evaluate the surface of the plastic before you choose a fillet table. While some surfaces are smooth, others are slightly textured. You'll generally find that the textured design is a better feature. Fish are notoriously slippery, and once your hands and the table are wet, it can be difficult to handle a fish as you fillet it. A textured surface will work wonders for preventing the fish from sliding around.


You'll definitely want to choose a fillet table that has a tap, as well as a sunken area that serves as a makeshift sink. You need a source of water to properly clean a fish, and it's a waste of time to be filling bottles with water and pouring them over the fish while you work. A fillet table with a tap allows you to hook a hose up to the nearest water source, whether you're at your cottage or a campsite, turn the water on, and have a supply of water to help you to do the job. The tap will also make it quick and easy to clean the fillet table when you're done.

Adequate Height

Fillet tables almost always have folding legs, which is important for ensuring the portability of the table. You'll want to check out the floor models as you shop, however, and ensure that the model you choose has legs that are long enough to suit your height. When you're tall, it's awkward and potentially uncomfortable to bend significantly as you work at the fillet table. You'll want to choose a table that allows you to stand at it at a comfortable angle. This could be a table with long legs or a table that has adjustable-height legs.