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Backyard Summer Fun

Older Child Want to Learn Gymnastics? 4 Ways They Can Get Started at Home

by Pat Berry

If your child wants to learn how to do gymnastics, you should consider starting them out at home before you spend money on a trainer. This will let you see if this is something they will continue wanting to do. To learn gymnastics, your child needs to have a lot of space available. Along with this, there should not be anything that is hazardous in the area your child will be practicing, such as furniture. Below are some tips on how you can get started helping your child learn this sport.

Purchase a Gym Mat

One of the first things you need to do is to purchase a gym mat. When doing so, make sure it is thick enough to provide cushioning and protection. You also do not want the mat to be too thick, as your child's hands and feet would not bounce off the mat but instead sink into it. Ask a gymnastics trainer in your area the best thickness to purchase.

There are different types of gym mats including:

  • Paneled mats: Most popular type of mat, as it folds up for easy storage. Available in a variety of lengths and width.
  • Cartwheel mat: This mat is popular with young gymnasts. It shows the proper hand and feet placement to help guide your child when doing cartwheels.
  • Flexi-roll mat: Feels much like the gymnastics mats used in competitions. Can be rolled up for easy storage.

Help Build Strength

It takes body strength to do gymnastics. For this reason, your child should start doing strength building exercises as soon as possible. At home, they can do pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, and planks to help build muscle mass in their legs, abdominals, back, and arms. Consider jointing a gym so a trainer can help your child learn exercises using the gym equipment to help build body strength.

Help Increase Flexibility

Along with body strength, your child needs to be flexible in order to learn gymnastics. They can do this by learning stretches to stretch their back, shoulder, and neck, which will help keep your child safe when doing things like rolls and backbends. Stretching the leg muscles helps your child do both side facing and forward facing splits. To increase joint range of motion, your child should stretch their ankles and wrists.

Purchase DVDs

There are a variety of DVDs on the market that will help your child learn gymnastics. These can be beneficial because the person on the DVD is an experienced gymnast so you know they are teaching your child correctly. There are also DVDs that will help your child with flexibility and strengthening exercises.

Purchase DVDs for your child's skill level. In many cases, you can find them in a set starting at the beginner level and moving up to the more advanced gymnastics. 

Once you see that your child loves gymnastics and wants to continue learning, find them a trained coach to continue in their training.