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Backyard Summer Fun

2 Tips to Help Women Comply with Golf Course Dress Codes

by Pat Berry

If you are looking for a low-impact way to get more exercise, then golf might be the right option for you. Spending an afternoon on the golf course can be relaxing, but it's important that you comply with the dress standards set forth by the golf course, or your day might start off on the wrong foot. It can be difficult for women to maintain their sense of style while complying with golf course dress codes, but it doesn't have to be impossible.

Here are two tips you can use to help you comply with a dress code in a stylish and comfortable way.

1. Recognize that bending the rules a bit is usually acceptable when it comes to shorts or skirts.

Many official golf course dress codes require shorts or skirts to be at least knee length. If this standard doesn't fit your sense of style, it's acceptable to bend the rules a bit when shopping for golf apparel.

Many golf course employees recognize that their dress code standards are somewhat outdated, and won't be mad if you show up in a pair of shorts with at least a five-inch inseam. Skirts should be long enough to hit the mid-thigh area.

But to be safe, be sure to contact your local golf course before shopping for clothes to ensure that you won't be prohibited from playing if you bend the rules a bit regarding the length of your golf shorts or skirts.

2. Make sure your top has a collar.

You can find many stylish shirts made specifically for female golfers on the market today, but you will notice that these shirts generally have a collar. This is due to the fact that many golf courses require golfers to wear collared shirts in order to comply with their official dress codes.

Ensuring that your golf tops have a collar allows you the freedom to customize other parts of the top to meet your needs. If you prefer to avoid tan lines while golfing on warm days, you can wear a sleeveless top. If you plan to golf in the morning, you might want to pair your collared shirt with a vest that can be removed as the day warms.

Feel free to cater to your individual sense of style when selecting the color, fit, and fabric of your golf tops; just be sure they are each equipped with a collar so that you comply with golf course dress codes.

The way you dress can affect your ability to be admitted onto a golf course. Understanding that you can bend the rules a bit by wearing shorter skirts and shorts, but knowing that the rule requiring collared shirts is firm, can help you select stylish golf apparel that will comply with golf course dress codes.